Silver City Writers, Artists, Photographers – Free Blog Site


If you’re a writer, artist or photographer in the Silver City area, this site would love to host a blog site for you. It would be a sub-directory off the main site at  I can also show you how to get your own private domain name and point it to the site here.

I’ll set the site up for you, give you a class on using WordPress if you need it, and you can be publishing your writing for the world to read in hours.

What’s The Catch?

There really isn’t one.  This website gets the search engine value of your content and you get a free first class website for writing, photos, whatever you want.  Very few rules, just nothing offensive, no hate speech, the normal stuff.

This site is being positioned with free business listings, lots of video and images and blogs to become the site that pops to the top of Web searches when tourists are considering visiting the area.  Let us help you with a free site and your writing, art and photographs can help the site in searches.

If you want a site, email me and let’s get started?