Free Video for Silver City Businesses


Get a free 4K pro resolution video for your business.

This is Television and newscast quality video.  If you purchase short 4K video clips at online stock video sites, it can cost a lot:

Yes, that’s $199.99 for a 12 second clip in 4K resolution, $79.99 for HD resolution!

I want to help Silver City businesses to succeed.  I sell video on some of these stock sites, so I propose that you let me take a nice video of your business at no charge to you in exchange for a release to sell a 15 second to 1 minute long video clip on the stock sites.

The video clip I put on the stock sites, unless you authorize with a model release, will not have your face or any logos in it; though your copy will be much longer and feature you, your business, customers, whatever you want.  You’ll be using it on your own website, YouTube or both, which you can do without releases in most cases.  I just want some video footage of activities related to doing business, arts, crafts, etc:

  • repairing things
  • making things
  • running machinery
  • creative arts, crafts, etc.
  • even cleaning up or cleaning equipment or displays

You get hundreds of dollars worth of video for whatever you want, even sending to a news organization.  I get to help local business and add to my portfolio on the stock sites.

Email me if you’d like your free video, or call me at 575-770-2894.