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How Enjoy Silver City works:  Your location will be at the red dot.  Other icons here are examples (click for more info), and clicking all map icons will give you more information about places or businesses, including images, coupons and/or videos.  Just click on one of the categories above and start enjoying Silver City!

Clothing32.777218544988365, -108.26495558023453

Clothing stores, including men's, women's and outdoor clothing.  Another icon is 

Example Business With Video (not real address)104 North Hudson Street, Silver City, NM, United States

The Silver City RV Park is right in the heart of the town, walking distance to the historic town area, galleries and businesses.  Yet, it's in a quiet and tree covered setting.  The coffee shop is a bonus!

Medical Services (not real address)32.79597943845516, -108.27525526285172

This icon will be the one usually indicating a pharmacy, physician, hospital or clinic.

Restaurant/Fast Food32.787032428976616, -108.28109174966812

This icon and or one of these will indicate a place to eat or coffee shop.

RV Park32.80131835284518, -108.25139433145523

RV parks will have this icon or a video icon if they have placed one.

Hotels & Private Rentals32.770001762111846, -108.25980573892593

Hotels will have the icon as you see it, and private rentals (such as you'd find on Airbnb, etc. will have this icon:

Places in Outdoors32.79698952813678, -108.24023634195328

This icon or one of the others below (or video icon if one) will be used for area campsites, hiking trails, attractions, fishing, outdoor fun, etc.

Banks or Other Financial Businesses32.80001972833358, -108.26770216226578
Auto Related Businesses32.79929826600462, -108.26014906167984
Legal Related, Courts, Attorneys32.79121743254943, -108.27319532632828
Home Related32.79439213148694, -108.26461225748062

Hardware stores, gardening, nurseries, home repairs, etc.

Art Galleries & Studios32.77216685919317, -108.28109174966812

Art galleries, artist studios, art supplies, and related.

Pet Related32.76870268695241, -108.26838880777359

Pet stores, veterinary services and pet related businesses.

Gift Shops32.78296828345045, -108.28082754913339

General shopping, gifts, antiques and other shopping related business.

Grocery Stores & Food32.78212562230339, -108.2577458024025

Groceries, organic produce, other food stores not restaurants.

Nightlife32.788331244261855, -108.26478391885757

Nightlife, dancing, alcohol, food, etc.

Real Estate Related32.79035158149344, -108.25293928384781

Real estate brokers, homes for sale, etc.

Sports & Outdoor Gear32.784001784022976, -108.24761778116226

Sporting goods stores, bike shops, outdoor gear.